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Monday, January 02, 2006

A little deep freeze action

Every year at about this time a bunch of idiots decide to go up north to MFC and freeze to death for a couple days. Why would they want to do that, you ask? Why would you want to go stand knee-deep in snow, while being smacked in the face with gail force winds, as you soak to the bone in below-freezing temperatures?

Ya, i really don't know why we do it either!

But that's not the point now is it, because if we asked ourselves why we do what we do before every single little thing we did, we wouldn't have any fun...


So here we are, up in the great white north, 100 acres of snow, all to ourselves. hoo rah!

Most years up there you either get 40 feet of snow, and can't even drive up the road, or a complete ice feild after all the snow has frozen rock hard. And if you're really unlucky you get rain. Fortunately, but unfortunately, we got a little bit of everything which made for some interesting times at the 2006 edition of Deep Freeze. No complaints though, cause once the pond was shovelled off, it was hockey time...after some of Marg's chilli of course!

The only problem with the pond, was, well...the pond itself. You see this year, it didnt freeze so well, and after many attempts at flooding it, we got the best we could, and jumped on for a little old time hockey. It started great, but after tossing 15 guys on a not-so frozen pond physics started kicking in, and skates started going in, to the water that is. Even with the small holes around the ice, the game went on...until the small holes weren't so small any more, and you no longer needed defence because every rush was quickly halted by a dreaded hole stealing the puck. After losing a few more pucks, and almost losing a few bodies, we figured hockey was done for the night. Immediate plans were put in place for a massive puck finding game come summer in the pond.

Since hockey didn't go all that well, we figured bringing out the GT's might fare more in our favour, and took the to the hill. This year, yet again, held one pretty impressive jump at the bottom...which we totally owned like it was our job...naturally. The GT's were mounted, and flung off that thing like nothing you'd ever seen before. Bodies went flying, rarely was the landing pretty, but the hangtime, was definately worth the pain of the what followed. The odd 360 was attempted, but, umm, no comment on that one... The cuts speak for themselves on that topic. But the jump was shredded to perfection, and the night ended on a high.

Getting to bed this year was actually not such a bad thing as us men got to shack it up in the steaming hot lodge, while the women tried to test their skills out in the cabin, which really only covers you're head, and doesn't do a whole lot in the warmth department. Needless to say they lived, not before many compliants of course ;)

Next day came the rain...oh the rain. Which put a damper on most outdoor activities, but the odd snow ball was still thrown. With the rain did come one sweet indoor hockey game though. I got to play net...meaning i got beaten like a rented mule. But still, fun none the less, and it took our minds off the crapiness of the rain melting our snow, also making the pond ice even worse (if that was possible). All in all though, the day was pretty sweet, chillen in the lodge, playin some high quality poker with lego peices as the chips, yes high class! Bed was once again actually nice, except that having not showered that morning made the comfort level drop a bit.

Waking up the next morning was brutal, it's as simple as that. After staying up late both nights, and going all out both days prior, pulling the head off the pillow was a task and a half at 8 in the morning. After eventually scraping myself off the bed, i realized how gross i felt with not showering for two days and all. Yet again the question why we go up there arises. Looking out the window made things a little better as the rain looked as if it was going to hold off. Stepping outside made things not so much better as yes, the rain had stopped, but the temperature was...MAD COLD! This made for an icy trek to breakfast as the left over wet snow was snow frozen solid. The frozenness did do one good thing for us though, as it froze the pond nicely...well, kinda.

As we went down to the pond once again, it looked great, but turned out to be pretty much the same result as last time. A few close calls, wet feet, and less pucks then we started with, ended yet another 'almost' hockey game. Later on that night came the visit to the hill, with a nicely frozen runway to the ice covered jump...and a deadly landing. It looked safe and all, i mean, how far and how high can you actually get on a GT snow racer, like, c'mon it can't get that dangerous can it...umm...word. Lets just say that with the addition of the ice, you went way faster down the hill, way higher off the jump, and landed way harder on the ground. As for the flying high part, i actually mean flying. Like, we rocketed off this thing, no joke, 20 feet easily. Hitting the ground was no fun at all. Ask Spencer's head, my back...or Andrew's entire body. It was insane.

After a lot of air, and a lot of pain, came the walk back to the lodge to join the rest of the crew in a little movie action, then some much needed sleep before we all cruised on home the next morning.
So to answer your earlier question, why we go up there and kill ourselves and freeze to death, i say this: The party's where the people are, when you add a little snow, some ice, and a sick, wicked and nasty jump to kill yourself onto it, you have one crazy fun time.

Rain or shine...or snow!

Quote of the week: "Is that shirt felt?...Cause it is now!"

Honestly one of the funniest times ever, cheers Kev!



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hey jumbo j! guess who? well i'll have you kno... ur entry thing was a little too long for me to read haha.. however i did read the first paragraph... sounded pretty good i must say...but i reli wasnt up for reading the rest. hah! well i hope ur having a great can probably only guess how bored ive been in the past couple days...since ive actually resorted to reading your blog entry...and im writing this incredibly long comment...well hopefully tomoro wont be as boringgg. so long my friendd... signed... big b!

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