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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Rivalry Resumes

Here in Canada around the holiday season, we do the usual Christmas thing, holler out the countdown business at New Years, and give a little Dradel spin here or there if you swing that way. But there's always one thing that gets the blood pumping a little more than all of those events. You see tonight just so happens to be part, ohh, sixty-something of one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Tonight, Canada and Russia go head-to-head for WJHC glory.


This is the only time of the year when Ottawa Sens fans can sit on the same couch as Leaf fans to cheer for the same team. Ohh it doesn't mean they have to talk, or even communicate in any way. But they can admit their love for the boys of the Canadian flag and cheer it up as one tonight. Immediately seperating afterwards and denying ever being seen with the enemy, but for those two hours and a bit deadly foes can come together, grab a beer of the root variety and only worry about those Russians!

So tonight, no matter what city you cheer for, pull on a Canada jersey, forget about those horrible Sens fans...and they're really stupid captian...bad fans...over-rated goalie...ugly jerseys...tacky name... and, well yeah...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still not gonna sit with a Habs fan...

And that's that!

9:47 PM


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