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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The place to be...

We've found our Central Perk. You know, the coffee shop where the friends of Friends met up on countless episodes to laugh it up for a little while. Listening to Joey's random stories, Chandlers famous sarcasm, or just watching Rachel in awe, we all had a laugh and a half with the guys n' girls of primetime television nightly. Well, now every Wednesday night the boys of the U Dot hop into daddy's cars, pop the collars, and roll on down to Main Street Unionville to meet at the weekly hang out. You see, nicely placed in the middle of the old fashioned little street is a Starbucks, but not just any Starbucks...our Starbucks.

Up on the second floor is where we meet, the first two there get the comfy chairs, the rest grab the not-so-comfy ones and crowd in for the latest news of the week. You see, up on the second floor of our chillin' pad is where it all comes out, no joke. If you come, you talk, and you say eveything. Doesn't matter who did what, how big of a secret it is, or how much trouble you're going to get into if it leaks out, you talk. It's where the real stories come out, the deep stuff, man-to-man-to-man-etc. After you talk, you're fair game for either advice, or just a mass self-esteem beating. It's who's hot, who's not, and who you might as well just forget about, because you just don't have a chance buddy.

After the...women...are discussed, it's planning time, and this is where it gets serious. Basically, we all pile together a mass blueprint for the up coming weekend. It's how much fun we can pack into 48 hours without dying or getting arrested, although if it comes to that...we'll deal with it. This converstaion usually ends up taking hours as there are some seriously crazy gameplans being tossed around. Most, never get accomplished, but it's satisfying to dream outloud and think about how big we could actually go.
After a couple quality hours of wholesome guy talk, its time to jump back into the car, unpop the collar, and roll out for another night. Not only has this become a weekly tradition, it's almost as if we can't go without it. No matter what has to be done that night, there's just an empty feeling without a little starbucks action. Maybe it's the thought of not having a grande mocca latte frappe cappacino, or maybe we're just obsessed with women and weekends...okay so it's definately the second one...and it's dead obvious why we love it...thus it's a weekly must.

To sum it up, Starbucks is incredible...and so are weekends, when you talk about weekends in a starbucks... pure perfection. So folks, take some time out of your busy life, order up a frappe latte mappe chocolate iced cappa coffee, put a little whip cream on top and sit down with some freinds in a Starbucks near you...

Once the employees know your name, and have your drink ready for you when you get there, you can officially call it your chillazin' pad and enjoy a little chit chat, Starbucks style.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which one of you is Phoebe?

11:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

zits...right on

3:35 PM


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