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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh, That Week!

After a rather busy week of non-stop assignment-doing action, job going-to insanity, and a whole lot of everything else in between, i find myself bored. It's great too, incredible almost. The fact that i now have little or nothing to accomplish blows the mind.

You see, this week just happens to be the last week of first semester, technically. Or as the teachers like to call it: the "let's think of every assignment possible and make it due all at the same time while throwing in a couple massive unit tests and a smile" week. You know what i mean, ya, that week. The one where going to class is actually considered taking a break from the work, and the only sleep you get comes as you stare into your computer screen, mind gone, but fingers still typing away. If it's due, it's due that week, and naturally being the procrastinator's, or should i say the humans that we are, we leave it all 'till the night before. That ever so popular 'night before' just happened to be Tuesday night pour moi. The night, that quickly turned into morning, that quickly turned into "oh crap, i'm late for school".

During that night for students world wide, we all die a little bit inside. The only night of the year where you can actually go through all 1572 songs on your playlist...twice...while sitting at the computer non-stop is death. Pure death, no more, no less...just death.

I would just like to officially announce to the world of 'almost adults' that the week of death has come and gone as tomorrow is Friday, and everyone knows that you aren't allowed to do anything the least bit productive on Friday. So to those who spent the past couple days crumpled up in the fetal position shaking and moaning, as the papers pilled up around you...Mission Complete. I mean, don't worry, carpel tunnel isn't that bad and it'll probably heal up real good just in time for this week next year. And yes, those people you haven't seen for a while are in fact your parents. No matter though, because that week is done. For now just concentrate on what we have ahead of us... all the things we have to look forward too, all the things in life that we can wake up in the morning to and be excited next week for example!

Or as the teachers call it...

..."exam week".




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