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Monday, February 06, 2006

One last time.

Today i did something for the last time. I walked into Unionville Highschool at around 8:15, still shivering from the suddenly snowy Canadian weather, and met up with the usual crew at our usual spot for some before-class chillage. The clock hit 8:30, the sighs and groans lifted throughout the 2000 strong, and the crowd headed off to the first period class. No, this wasn't my last day of school, not by a long shot, but it was the beginning of the end in a sense. Today was the first day of my last semester in my highschool career.

It seemed like a normal day, went to the new classes, got the new desks, naturally at the back of the class where maximum 'not listening' can be performed. New course outlines were given out, explained, and then ripped apart by question after question. It seemed as if it was just another beginning of a semester, but for the class of 2006, it was the last beginning, or the start of the finish, or the...well, you get what i mean. In 20 weeks (give or take a day or two) i'm kissin that place goodbye, and high-tailing it to the rest of my life, but in a way i really don't wanna leave that place.

Leaving may sound great and all, i mean c'mon, potentially i only have 4 and a half years left of school until i can atleast get paid while sitting at a desk all day. I only have so many more papers due, only so many more nights sitting at home studying till the feeling in my head is no more, and only so many more due dates to make by the skin of my teeth. But you know what, all those things and so much more have amounted to the most incredible 3 and a half years of my life, without a doubt.

So to all those who are in on the memories i will never forget, and all the things i really don't want to remember, cheers. Cheers for the times when the stomach muscles hurt for days after laughing so hard. Cheers for the hottubs, car rides, BBQ's, and any other mission we took on throughtout our years here. Cheers for everything from the second i met you, and you, and you. Thanks for it all. But don't think it's done just yet, oh no, not so fast. We still got a good quality 5 months to make sure UHS never ever forgets us either. A good 5 months to show everyone that if we can dream it, we can do it...and if you can dream it, well, we've probably already done it.

Bring it on, one last time.



Blogger JODSTER said...

You fool! You'll always have deadlines, and skin of your teeth nights reviewing work and stuff!

Enjoy your last few months. They are the days I look on most fondly!

11:22 AM

Blogger JODSTER said...

OK... I take back the "You fool" part. I little over the top?

11:22 AM

Blogger JODSTER said...

I was having a Mr. T moment. "I pity the fool!"

11:22 AM

Blogger JODSTER said...

This last note is just to pad your comment number on the main page. Hope it inspires others...

11:23 AM


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