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Monday, March 20, 2006

Intensity at its finest

I have to write quick, because in 20 minutes the greatest night in recent television history is about to begin.

Whoever thought to put Jack Bauer in 24 on the same night as the Cool Bald Dude in Prison Break on during the same night, must not of thought of the severity of the intense action it causes those watching to go through, but oh how i appriciate it. 24 was insane enough to watch on its own, but now starting every monday night with a little Prison Break action pushes it to a new level.

Tv's two greatest shows on one night, every week.

This is what dreams are made of.

To those who only watch one or the other, i highly recommend watching both, and to those who dont watch either, forget about American Idol and tune in.

For once in my life i will actually be looking forward to Monday!

A little bit of breaking out of jail action, followed by the greatest man alive saving the world one hour at a time. Excuse me while i jump for joy.

Thank you Jack Bauer. Thank you Cool Bald Dude.

Thank you tv.

I now leave you, to watch 2 hours straight of pure incredibleness.



Blogger Useless Man said...

That interferes with Deal or No Deal..

Howie Mandel has my heart hostage...

12:45 PM


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