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Friday, September 15, 2006

Along for the ride.

So last week i graduated grade 8, and monday morning i woke up and started university...or at least that's how it feels. Like, one day when i was 12 i blinked, and i'm now sitting in lectures with 400 other stunned 'young adults'. So needless to say, it went quick, life is flying by, but i must admit, i'm lovin' every minute. I did, surprisingly enough, learn a thing or two this week about life, university, and how things are changing big time. Here's the jist of it.

I no longer have any money.

That pretty much could sum it up, but seeing as that's not exactly very explanitory, ill go into a little more detail. Things i've learned so far continued:

I still no longer have any money.

I'd never spend money on books i'd be interested in reading, which is why spending $1000 on one's im never going to read boggles the mind.

They really do just walk in and talk for 3 hours straight.

Two iced caps a day is for rookies, it's one an hour now. Whoever thought of putting a Tim's in a school...brilliant, but it will be the death of me.

Looking good for school is no longer an option, as long as i have pants on, i'm good to go.

Cereal is the only food group.

Friend's dorm room beds are more comfortable.

A 2pm class is hard to wake up for... 8am classes aren't even funny.

Going to work is considered a break.

You never drool unless people are watching you sleep.

Reading sucks.


And the single most incredible invention to this day is the power nap, any day, any time, anywhere.

So that was week one, what comes next?... i guess i'll just have to wait and see. And most likely the next time you see me, ill be happily married and have 4 kids.

Don't blink.

catch ya on the flipside



Blogger JODSTER said...

You'll get through it! You'll be broke, but you'll get through it!

4:36 PM


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