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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oh you have got to see these!

Hockey's Craziest Plays
Warning: The following moves and saves are absolutely sick.
I would sit down.
Consider yourself warned.
Alexander Ovechkin. The Goal. Enough said.
His first game against a Canadian team. His first shootout. Unreal. Water bottle.
Sidney Crosby. This isn't even fair.
Marek Malik. 15th round of the shootout. Bananas.
Pavel Datsyuk. This deke should win an award. It's retarded.
Sebastian Caron. Who? Exactly. If you didn't know him before you will FOR SURE know him after you see this:


Henerek Zetterberg schooling Raycroft. Hate to show it, but it's sick.

Mats Sundin. Six point night. Atta boy.
This is taking it to the next level. Robbie Schremp. word.
This guy ate goalies for breakfast. Scariest goal scorer ever. Long live the king.

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